Special Services

In Times of Celebration and Sorrow

In addition to Sunday worship each week, the Community Church also offers a wide range of special services. Baptisms are offered both at the Lily Reid Holt Chapel at Lake Forest College and at our Worship on the Beach services. Sean and Tom officiate at weddings for people in our church and community, and also lead memorial services for families following the death of a loved one. For more information on special services, contact Pam Campbell.

Baptism on the beach


It is a privilege and a joy to lead wedding ceremonies for people in our church and community. In offering these services, we help couples understand the wide range of ceremonies that are available, and help them craft services that reflect their values and faith.

For more information, please contact Pam Campbell.

A Community Church Wedding
Sean at a baptism


The sacrament of baptism is offered to people connected to our church family who seek to affirm their faith. Unique to our church are “Buffalo Baptisms.” A Buffalo Baptism is when a family makes a donation of $150 to Community Church Charities and we purchase a Buffalo Bike from World Bicycle Relief to provide mobility for a student, teacher, health care worker or independent worker in isolated parts of the world. It seems appropriate as we celebrate the gift of new life through baptism that we give the gift of new life to one in need.

Memorial Services

We offer memorial services for people in our church and community. Over the past 20 years, we’ve provided traditional church funerals and burials to less formal, outdoor gatherings. At all memorial services, our goal is to remember and give thanks for a loved one in a manner befitting their life, family, and faith.

Tiffany Window at the Chapel
Community Church

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