Life is a Participation Sport

At the Community Church, our focus is not on church growth – it’s on your growth. Our job is to be a source of inspiration and a partner in your journey to become the person God calls you to be. Our experience is that happens through active participation in spiritual practice, service, and community.


Spiritual growth can happen anywhere and in a variety of ways. At the Community Church, we’re very intentional about delivering many opportunities for growth.

Rainy day on mission trip


We believe that churches exist in large measure to serve those outside their doors. That’s taken us from our backyards to the Himalayas & Africa

Community Church Coffee Hour


“Community” is more than just part of our name. We are a spiritually diverse, loosely constructed population that has evolved organically… and enjoys being together!

Interested in talking about your own spiritual growth?
Looking for an opportunity to serve others in need?
Interested in developing relationships & having a bit of fun?

Call Sean Miller at (847) 234-8191 or Send a message

Family baptism at the beach
A family event! Baptism at the beach

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