Grow Through Community

Cultivating Fun

With rare exception, when we get together as a church, people enjoy themselves. A lot. At events such as:

  • The Annual Beach Picnic
  • Divine 9 Golf Outings
  • Beach Drum Circle
  • Church Ladies
  • Patio Wednesdays
  • Food Drive Parades
  • LB BBQ Society (reigning champs)
  • Our Annual Christmas Party & Sing-Along at the Lake Bluff Brewing Company
  • Impromptu gatherings in the Garden of Eatin’ or coffee hour following church
Tom Loses a Bet
Food Bank Collection

Connecting Communities

Still, other times joy is found while serving meals to hungry families on Sunday afternoons at a Waukegan soup kitchen, working together at Feed My Starving Children, or painting on a Saturday morning at Beacon Place.

Expanding Horizons

And, talk to anyone who has participated in our “Adventure” travel series (Adventures in Service, Adventures in Spirit, etc. to places like Kenya, Uganda, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Nepal) and they will share the amazing time we’ve had together while experiencing the blessing of other continents and cultures.

On a Mission

Snapshots of Fun

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