A Bit More About Us

A Different Kind of Mission Statement

Community Church Bohemian Dancers

We follow the way of Jesus

but respect and honor other traditions

We are serious about faith

yet don’t take ourselves too seriously

We are not bound by historic creeds

but guided by contemporary needs, scripture and Spirit

We don’t say “this is how your faith should look”

Instead, we seek to be your partner in spiritual growth

We are an independent congregation

and enjoy the benefits of charting our own course

We don’t have members

yet over 350 families call the Community Church “home”

We have no committees or bureaucracy

and encourage worship, education, mission & fellowship

We worship in the historic Lily Reid Holt Chapel

and believe using existing spaces is good stewardship

We experience nature as a dynamic & inspiring cathedral

holding over 30 worship services each year on the shores of Lake Michigan

We are known for our extraordinary music program

that you need to experience for yourself!

We are committed to experiential outreach

and creatively leverage our resources to support others

We offer inspiring worship, compassionate service, and opportunities for spiritual growth

and somehow, we always manage to have fun…

Community Church

Lake Forest & Lake Bluff, Illinois + worldwide