Soulful Music

“We get nearer to God through music than perhaps any other thing except prayer.”
– J. Reuben Clark

Community Church Music
Eva B Ross & Friends

Our Music in a Nutshell

Kahlil Gibran wrote, “music is the language of the spirit.” At the Community Church, music is a language of the spirit – and much more. Music inspires, entertains, and helps bring peace to our restless souls. Yet unlike most churches, we don’t have a traditional volunteer choir or hymnbooks filled with songs from 500 years ago. Instead, our music is as diverse as our spiritual population, as each week we bring in (primarily) professional musicians from the jazz, blues, bluegrass, traditional and classic worlds. We even have the Dancing Bohemian Ukulele Team – comprised of 11 folks in our congregation – lead music at our services once per quarter. If you love live music, you need to come check out a Sunday Service.

The Dancing Bohemians

Nearly 10 years ago, Tom decided he wanted to learn to play the ukulele. Believing it would be more fun to do with others, he asked a few musicians in the church if they wanted to form a ukulele band. In short order, the “Dancing Bohemian Ukulele Team” was formed. Since then, they’ve performed at events ranging from worship services, weddings, and memorial services to picnics and other special events – and were the inspiration behind the church-sponsored “Dancing Bohemian School of Uke.”

The Dancing Bohemians Ukulele Band

Musical Moments

Musical Moments
Dancing to the music

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