We Deliver.

Sunday. Any day.

We’re a local church with a jumbo reach

Delivering Here & There

Lily Reid Holt Chapel in the Wintertime

North Shore Roots

Multiple locations – including beaches and parks – where we offer ministry to the Lake Bluff and Lake Forest communities.

Watercolor Painting of the Earth

Worldwide Reach

We’ve enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to provide worship, spiritual growth, and service worldwide.

Lily Reid Holt Chapel

November Special Events

Nov 14: Ken Hall Gratitude
We’ll be celebrating Ken Hall’s 20 years of extraordinary service to the Community Church at our 10:00 a.m. Chapel service on Nov. 14. The service will feature Ken’s original compositions and musicians including John Moulder, Steve Rashid, Greg Rockingham, Don Stiernberg & Tom “The Professor” Bowling.

Nov 21: 23rd Annual Thanksgiving Service
At 10:00 a.m. in the Chapel, Tom will preach, Sean will lead the service and offer a Children’s Message, and we’ll have our annual “Ritual of Thanksgiving.”

Our Unique Story

Girls at the Christmas Pageant

G.K. Chesterton said, “Angels can fly because they take life lightly.”

Our approach to church aligns with Chesterton’s words, and we actively pursue ways to lighten things up in our often overwhelming world. Which is why we tell our story with a ukulele, a song, and a preacher whose gifts are in areas other than music…

We Deliver is a state of mind and a promise: to provide worship, spiritual growth opportunities, and service everywhere. Anyone & everyone can participate in the life of the Community Church because every weekly worship service is available online.

We also invite you to our Book Clubs, Bible Studies, Meditation, and other spiritual growth programs, locally and via Zoom.

Children in Uganda

A Different Kind of Mission Statement

Mission statements are like philosophy. They tell you what people think. Well-crafted words that reflect thoughts – but not necessarily actions. At the Community Church, we have a different approach to mission statements. We don’t do them. If you want to know what we are thinking, check out what we are doing.

Community Church

Lake Forest & Lake Bluff, Illinois + worldwide